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Rudolf Nureyev died in 1992 at the age of 54.  I have always remembered seeing this apartment.  Maybe it was featured in Architectural Digest.  It is such a design statement reflecting his Russian heritage and love of collecting beautiful carpets and antique textiles which  became the representation of him on his tomb in this amazing mosaic.  There are many elements I love about this apartment.  The use of mirrors and gothic ornament  as a crown molding.  The richly patterned walls.  Even though the room is dark, it is handsome, strong and elegant just like Nureyev.  The furniture looks grand and comfortable. Love the double sided sofa.   Phyllis Morris has beautiful seating that is almost as splendid as those occasional chairs on either side of the fireplace.

The wainscoting is by far the most incredible design I have ever seen.  This is the best picture I could find of it.  Stencils, gilding with silver leaf and some ornament could create a version of it which would make any room fabulous.

Love the burl of this sofa which is perfect with the wainscoting.  Maybe it is a Biedermeier piece.  This Paris apartment is like a czar’s dream palace, or a stage set.  The apartment occupied an 18th century building on the quai Voltaire, overlooking the Seine and the Louvre.

Nureyev Portrait

James Wyeth's Portrait of Nureyev "Faune"

Andrew Wyeth who painted Nureyev many times said “Everything he had was like a set.”  “He adored objects, paintings, fabrics.”  He also had homes in Manhattan,  London and Virginia.   His New York apartment was apparently not as theatrical. Jackie Onassis helped him decorate it.




Engravings by the Bibiena family depicting Baroque theatrical designs and costumes as well as antique maps.


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  2. Great photos and thank you for sharing! I do think that you have the year incorrect for Nureyev's death. He passed in 1993.

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