Oct 252012

The holiday issue of Veranda is overflowing with beautiful interiors, products, resources, and inspiration. Here are some of my favorites.

Interior Design by Ruthie Sommers. Love, love, love the wallpaper depicting scenes of old India in grisaille, blown up in scale for a modern feeling and also adding to the sense of depth. The mirror and chandelier are fabulous.

Lacquered walls and upholstered doors do add a lot of glamour to the stairwell nook.

A wonderful mirrored wall. The article refers to the living room as voluptuous and a salon without lounge furniture. A room where people actually face one another and have conversations.

Another beauty, a villa in Palm Beach designed by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith of Circa Interiors. This residence will be featured in The Welcoming House: The Art of Living Graciously, to be published by Rizzoli in March.

Ceiling and color palette create a beautiful space.

The Archive Project – Sleeping Beauties

Brunschwig & Fils has reproduced the original version of this wallpaper that hangs in the Victoria and Albert Museum in this linen fabric Lhasa $195 per yard.

The print captures the English Chinoiserie style with the exotic curlicue lines that are so different than the symmetry and order of classical. This room from the Claydon House is a masterpiece of Chinese embellishment.

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  5 Responses to “Modern Spirit With A Classical Past”

  1. Ceiling and color palette create a beautiful space and also attractive to me!!! Can't wait to go there for passing a great moment as well. I was in the hunt for this type of reading. Thanks for the head up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very classical furniture inspirations indeed! Those furniture decoration in the room is amazing indeed. I really like the modern spirit with classical past and looking forward to utilize my classical furniture's to decorate my house gap spaces nicely. Thanks.

  3. Really amazing interior design inspirations by Ruthie Sommers!! I just fall in love with each classical furniture's as well. Very elegant and modern spirit with a classical past made the whole concept very alive!! Thanks.

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