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Stone is indeed a classic. For my next home I will choose limestone for my exterior. This is limestone cladding from Stone Work Construction. It looks so elegant. I would choose this over brick any day.

Exterior cladding is the process where stone is applied to walls to augment the exterior of the wall. Using quality stones for exterior cladding will add value and an earthlike feel to a property.

Stone cladding is installed by arranging identical cuts of similar colored natural stone tiles in either a vertical or horizontal manner. The relative low cost maintenance of stone cladding also appeals to the urban customer.
My entrance foyer would continue the limestone feel. This interior is quite similar to my floor plan with an arcade of columns surrounding an open center. Stone work by Haifa Limestone

Mine will have rectangular niches not circular as shown in this foyer with my paintings of Hubble Space Images as the background for physics and symbolic images.

I like this design as well.

An iron front door is a great choice for a limestone interior.

And my hallways will be vaulted. This is my dream house so I am dreaming.

This is Blanco Paloma Limestone. It would be a good choice because it is appropriate for cladding, living rooms, stairs, counters, fireplaces and more. It is available in slabs and custom sizes and lots of finish choices: brushed, honed, polished, patina, antiqued, tumbled, hammered, filled, unfilled, cut, split, sealed, rustic, carved and cisled.







Love this carved stone tub.

Getting back to the foyer, some stairways.

The sculpture and lines on the walls don’t appeal, but the stairway is fabulous.

Stone is a Classic.

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  1. Hi Melanie,
    Keep dreaming- I am enjoying it! (And secretly dreaming too!)

  2. nice blog.

  3. I am amazed seeing this piece of art. Stones always increase the beauty of interiors by heaps. In case of flooring specially limestone tiles are exquisite. Thanks for sharing the blog.

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