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English artisan Timothy Richards is based in Bath, England and has spent the past 25 years perfecting the art of creating detailed architectural models in plaster or bronze.  At one point in my artistic explorations I sculpted miniatures and found it so much more difficult.  His work is truly amazing.  He was chosen by The Royal Institute of British Architects to create a series of replicas for a traveling exhibition on the influence of 16th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio which was shown at New York’s Morgan Library and Museum in 2010.

Every surface of his miniatures have been meticulously reconstructed in Lilliputian form, the dome curving at exactly the right angle, even the minuscule bricks worn away in just the right spots.

Richards and his team of ten construct a master model from styrene sheets, resin, and wood.  “We work from photographs and from plans, if they exist,” he says.  They then make silicone-rubber molds from the master and use them to cast the plaster for the finished model, which is generally lift unpainted to expose the “raw beauty of the material,” says Richards.  He also does private commissions for clients.  I love this model the Howard’s commissioned of Temple of the Winds at  Castle Howard.

Some of my favorite iconic architectural buildings.

I love sculpture and plan to own one of his pieces.  Prices range from $600-$7,000 for the iconic models.  He also offers a large selection of doors and gates.  Here are some of my favorites.  They range in price from $150-$500.

Kensington Palace

Harvard University Gate

Wouldn’t one of these look great on a book shelf.




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  1. Unbelievable! Thank you for sharing such beautiful work on your blog!

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