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Mar 312014

Designing with ornamentation seems to be a lost art, but we at Beaux-Artes believe there is a revival occurring.  Some of the most beautiful published rooms have architectural details and ornamentation.  Rooms that are beautiful without any furnishings.



5. lonny hotel du marc france

A trend we see is adding ornamentation to the ‘room’.  To transform a fireplace by adding ornamentation.



To transform large expanses of drywall with wall panels.

A 2208


To create one of a kind doors.



A client has asked me to create a door design which will be used on her bedroom doors.  It has been an interesting design process which I thought would benefit our readers.  When we began, our design inspiration was this gorgeous door.  I researched ornament possibilities on the Decorators Supply website.  Note the relief of the ornament on this door.  By the time I did a number of designs my client realized she wanted heavy ornament.


The website has pictures for most of their ornament which can be saved and used to layout your ornamentation design.  You do not need CAD software to create a scaled design layout.  For a quick idea how the ornament will look in your design,  Publisher has easy tools to create a scaled drawing.

Step 1.  Do a scaled drawing of the door in Publisher.   I use a scale of 1/16″ = 1″.   I am using the dimensions of the door closed to determine my ornamentation design since the door opens into the room.  I have added very simple molding around my door design which I will add ornament to.  The ceiling is 8′; but there is a 12″ crown molding which leaves me with 3-1/2″ over the door for my door header ornamentation.  I am also putting rosettes on the blocks.

Door-Publisher Drawing

This picture shows the door header with the old paneled door still in place.  The ornamentation will be added to a new flat panel door.  Rebecca is gold leafing the crown molding and door molding.  The small header over the door is also being gilded.


Step 2.  Draw in the basic size of your door design.  My inspiration picture requires a border of running ornament around a 2-panel design.  I have not found the ornament which appears in the inspiration but I thought this ornament would work for the repeating S-curve that is in the outer border.  It also gives me a small rosette to cover the ends.

Decorators Supply 890F - 8-1/4″ x 4-3/4″ You can crop, rotate and copy the image in Publisher.  890f

Instead of a running floral design I chose this running ornament 2928F.  This ornament was not online so I scanned it and used Publisher to remove the dark background.


Here is a screen shot of the ornament showing the scaled ornament in the upper left corner using the 1/16″=1″ scale.


During the research and development of this design it became clear that the time involved in applying all of this individual composition ornament to six doors was going to be labor intensive and the design just wasn’t developing into a great design.  So, I began researching other design possibilities.

This Design is based on using most  of the inside panel of Decorators Supply Wall Panel 9894.


My client did not want a shell as the center feature so I used this beautiful floral center 11627.  Now I had to figure out a C curve that would compliment the curve of the inner panel.  My client also wants a different feature on each door to represent whose room it is.



This single panel design did not have enough beautiful ornament and the molding for the panel was not interesting enough.  Here is my design for a two panel door.  We decided the corners on the top panel with S curves to form an arch would be a good design.  For this design I chose this beautiful Rococo Rose corner 9804.


The Center 11564 for the bottom panel




This design lacks beauty on the bottom of the panels.  Here is yet another design adding corners to the bottom of the panels.  With each design I record the ornament style, size and cost with a picture of the ornament.

Rococo Corners 9800




This design is still not there.  The next design I am going to work on will be a 3-panel layout with heavy molding.




May 202013

Using antiques is a green activity in my book.  Finding treasures and using them as is or refinishing,  giving them new life.








I love beautiful boxes.  This is a lovely collection.  My everyday cosmetics would fit beautifully in the large one.



original (2)

original (1)

ingt kelly harmon7

ingt kelly harmon1

Carrie Hayden design photo John Granen5



This inspires me to get out my son’s uniform and see if I would want it displayed.  It is quite wonderful in this room.






Lots of white.  Loving the white spaces that people are creating.


04_256 (1)


If you want to see more white interiors,  check out my other blog post on White Interiors – Clean-Perfect-Neutral.



Apr 292013


Fabulous isn’t it!!

I love the use of damask on the headboard surrounded by beautiful gold ornamentation.  If it is upholstered it does not look padded.  You could purchase damask yardage and stretch it to your pre-cut template, or do the entire wall in a stenciled or fabric damask and then attach the composition ornament directly to the wall or just add the ornament to the template you have prepared.    I used our hand painted damask canvas we offer for our wall panels.  It is $185 for a custom 2-color application 32″ x 60″.  The color is Gold Stone.  A gold background with biege pattern which coordinates with our Gold Stone Finish.  Painting the damask on canvas you can get canvas large enough to cover the headboard without any seams.  Excuse my seams from my stock size of that canvas panel.


Decorators Supply List of ornament

#9864      54″ x 11″  $237.02

I rearranged the ornament to create the shape of our inspiration piece.

#9583  5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″  right and left pair $69.97

#5390  8-1/2″ x 4-1/4″ right and left pair $50.53

This is one of my choices for the floral swag beneath the centerpiece.

#1751F  9-3/4″ x 6-3/4″   $29.14

This design can be refined.  If you purchased two additional C curves the shape could resemble the inspiration more closely and there are other options for the center feature.  It’s a good start though on this great look.



Feb 132013

Inspiration From The Hermitage

This room in The Hermitage is our inspiration for the foyer we are designing.  Panels of gold leaf and the ornamentation in porcelain.  Anyone know the name for this room.  My pictures were from a friend. It was actually quite a coincidence that my client had a trip planned to Russia prior to seeing this inspiration room.  She took a lot of closeups of the ornamentation to assist us in our design process.

The foyer adjoins this outrageous living room or salon as my client has named the space. The coffered ceiling and crown molding was in the room and Beaux-Artes designed the wall panels, pilasters, capitals and empire frieze.  We installed all the ornamentation and executed the finishes.  The powerful presence of this room was a major factor in our design decisions for the foyer.  It is a lot of ornamentation and gold which we wanted to soothe with an elegant and complementary ornamentation design and color palette.


Before Pictures

The foyer is small, unlike the grand space of The Hermitage. Part of the inspiration is to use molding to frame all the walls.   This increases the amount of space for our panels and will make the lack of symmetry less apparent.

Right Salon Wall Facing Front Door

Left Library Wall Facing Front Door

Stair Bulkhead over Entrance to Middle Foyer

Note the existing molding and the space between the salon entrance and the stairway bulkhead.

The second floor wall space and dome.

Actually our first inspiration  came from this fabulous porcelain from Historic Houses of Paris, one of my absolute favorite books.  We would use gold leaf for the walls and the ornamentation would be a porcelain finish. Perfect!  Just like the look and feel of the grand room in The Hermitage. Reverses the color palette of the Salon.

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Aug 072012

Castle Howard is one of the world’s top ten greatest mansions and grand houses.

It was designed in the 18th Century by Sir John Vanbrugh for the 3rd Earl of Carlisle and has been home to the Howard families for 300 years.  Today Honorable Simon and Mrs. Howard reside there with their two children, Merlin and Octavia.

Castle Howard is located in Yorkshire and set within 1,000 acres of the breathtaking landscape of the Howardian Hills.

The estate has 200 listed buildings and monuments.

The Temple of the Four Winds is one of my favorites. Michael Hampton has captured it in his wonderful watercolor.

It is a thriving rural estate with farming and forestry and has buildings to let!!

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Apr 242012

I just received my copy of The Houses of VERANDA by Lisa Newsom.  The book is divided into sections by style and the first section on Classic rooms is filled with great ideas for today’s interpretation of  Classical which she describes as “relevant for today – soulful, sophisticated and, above all, comfortable”.

Had to show this ‘Best Dressed Wall’ without the words. Just splendid. Love the aged look of these panels.  Anyone have experience with using Annie Sloan Chalk paint for walls?  I am creating new finishes for our ornament and wall panels using Annie Sloan paints.  We are really excited about diversifying our finishes to include patinas and distressed finishes. Will definitely include this one.

The color on the above panels and these panels is one of my favorite colors. Just lovely, soft and sophisticated.
Panels in the Dining Room

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Mar 052012

My Best Dressed Wall for March is in the Hacienda de Berrio Jaral, located in San Felipe, Guanajuato, Mexico.  The beautiful narrow panel design reminds me of Beaux-Artes  Georgian Canvas Panel Design  repeating the design without framing it with a wall panel.

The Hacienda is one of the largest estates in Mexico.  It goes back to the late 16th Century.

By 1855 the estate had 6,500 inhabitants, 2 schools and 2 railroad stations.

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Jan 272012

The Spa Palazzo at the Boca Raton Resort is a Moorish Masterpiece. I am not a historian, but I benefit from my historian partner, Stuart. The Spa is so amazing, the pictures say it all, but it is interesting that a Roman/Arab/Turkish/Byzantine design is just so perfect for a Spa. The Romans felt it a public service to provide baths for the people. Constantinople became the Rome of the East and when Turkey conquered it they acquired the baths.  While the Europeans bathed, the Turks made bathing an art form even adding steam, rub downs and towels.  The book “The Pillars of Hercules by the English Author David Urquhart popularized the Turkish Baths in the 1850′s.  Over 600 were opened in London alone.  The crazy gorgeous tile work is perfect for a spa/bath.

It felt so wonderful to be in this room,  I had to have a bath. You can see the bubbles in the tub on the far right. That was mine.
I loved the ceiling with the lighting behind beautiful grilles. That pattern was repeated throughout.

Wonderful attention to detail with the decorative grilles used for their HVAC.



I think we should add this design to the Beaux-Artes‘ historical reproduction collection along with the design from the Breakers we showed.
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Nov 142011

Mirrored panels are exquisite.  This one is a Salon in our Paris Embassy.  I have never seen one I didn’t love.  It is more difficult to create a mirrored panel today because we begin with drywall usually and add the molding.  When you have a mirror obviously there is the mirror edge that you have to deal with.  Beaux-Artes has a Neoclassical Panel kit specifically designed to accommodate the relief of a mirror or a piece of  MDF which we like to use for Venetian Plaster applications.
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Oct 212011

A room that has something decorative on the ceiling unifies the volume of the space so that the visitor experiences the room in all its dimensional glory. Even if the decoration is painted all the same color it heightens the stature of the room. A version of this magnificent one-of-a-kind ceiling can be achieved with some great products.
Start with a grid ceiling design such as this one by The Fischer & Jirouch Company

The moulding length is 48″, the clover width is 26″ and the diamond width is 12″. I would play around with increasing the space between the clovers and adding the decorative painting using adhesive-backed stencils from Modello Designs.  If your budget permits adding a rosette inside the clover or diamond would add to the complexity and beauty.  There are many sources for rosettes.  One of them we use often is Decorators Supply.
Another grid ceiling is from Balmer Studios

With this grid there is no option to increase the space between the elements to provide space for the decorative painting, but it is a handsome design.
The color palette and finishing can make it spectacular. Paint the elements prior to installation particularly if it is not the same color as the background. There are lots of great metallic paints on the market. I like Ronan for their Real Gold which is the shade of gold leaf or Modern Masters. Their Pale Gold would be very close to the color in the inspiration ceiling.

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