Oct 302014

I love to blog about how fashion and interior design parallel each other and predict trends in our life styles.    So I was really excited with the below excerpt from Point of View in the November 2014 issue of Vogue.

“What’s your FANCY?

Fashion continues its maximalist trend this month, with embellishments everywhere, silhouettes that are the reverse of skimpy, and a general sense of JOY AND PLENTY in the details.  The equation is really pretty simple:  Instead of narrow, GO WIDE.  Instead of plain, GO FANCY.  Instead of less, GO MORE.

The daytime mood is expressed with a certain CASUAL INSOUCIANCE.  Think fringe, folk embroidery, ruffles or poet sleeves, stripes like licorice candies, a FISTFULL OF RINGS, and a wristful of bangles…….””After dark, the embellishments turn richer and MORE OPULENT:  burnished gold beading, warm gold sequins…in a word, GOLD.

There is, admittedly, a DOLLOP OF HEDONISM in all this lavishness, all this decoration.  Don’t fight it–embrace it like an unexpected (but frankly, well-deserved) compliment.”

Classical Addiction Version for the Interior Design Point of View

Go Maximalist with embellishments everywhere………

ornamentation painted

grand living space with ornamentation

Or targeted Embellishments like this fabulous niche.  Notice the industrial heating and air conditioning grilles.  Beaux-Artes Louis XIV grille would be a handsome replacement .

niche embellished

Target the Entrances with grand ornamentation.

Door Header with ornamentation

Love this plaster piece from Decorators Supply to transform a door header 54-3/4″ x 12″ x 1-7/8″

Decorators Supply Louis XVI Plaster Ornament


Joy and Plenty in the details

fabulous walls and ceiling

door ornamentation

door hardware

door lever

Beaux-Artes Empire escutcheon

empire escutcheon

The master of  Joy in the Details, Howard Slatkin’s NY apartment see blog all about him.

Howard Slatkin dining room




Go Fancy

sitting alcove

Gorgeous headboard and damask wall

Embellish Architectural features

embellished architectural feature


Go More


painted ceiling

painted ceiling

custom closets

Think fringe, embroidery, ruffles

window treatment with fringe

chair fringe


sofa with fringe


beaded tassel

gold and window details

bedding with ruffles

aqua chandelier and window treatment


embroidered illows

embroidered fabric

great window fabric


gold color palette

gold mosaic

Gold Mother of Pearl

gold shell

Kelly Wearstler Closet various metallic leaf.


Kelley Wearstler gold dressing roomBeaux-Artes Arabesque Panels on Gold Leaf










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Apr 162014

“…Ceilings afford great scope for decoration, yet it seems a strange defect in our modern method of decoration, that in many mansions the walls of the principal rooms are highly decorated with expensive papers, to be afterwards partly or wholly covered with pictures, looking-glasses, and bric-a-brac, and the floor is covered with carpets, to say nothing of furniture; but the ceiling spreads its broad blank waste of white above us, expressionless and inartistic to a great degree.  The ceiling being the crowning glory of a room, and the part most seen, should be decorated with form and colour.”  William Millar, London, circa 1890.

William Millar would be amazed that in 2014 our modern ceiling decoration has continued to be ignored.  So, here are some great ceilings.  Who knows you might decide that dressing the ceiling makes such an impact that you add it to your must have it list.

Their are two basic approaches to ornamentation design for ceilings.

The Frame – Use the ornamentation to frame the ceiling with four corners attached with decorative running linears or add corners, linears and side ornament.

Catherine Kwong, San Francisco

1. catherine kwong san francisco

2. catherine kwong san francisco ceiling

4. catherine kwong san francisco

5. catherine kwong san francisco


Love our Beaux-Artes’ handpainted Louis XV corners connected with S curves.  This one is in a premium finish which means we will paint it with a maximum of nine colors chosen for your color palette.  This style also looks so elegant with semi-precious gems  and/or crystals added to cover installation screws and for embellishment.


Louis XV hand painted ceiling corner

This is a lovely ceiling frame design.  No crown coming down on the walls which would interfere with the window.

ceiling design frame

Another  great design.




Add a center to the frame design which will work with or without a chandelier.

ceiling medallion

Or just add a center by itself.

ceiling medallions


finished medalion


ceiling ornamentation corners running linears

ceiling medallion, ceiling corners and running linears

ceiling medallion, ceiling center

This is still my favorite ceiling center.

Ceiling Shell Center

Expand the impact by adding corners, side ornaments, crown and molding.

ceiling ornamentation-center,side ornaments, molding

ceiling design

ceiling design with molding,center and side ornaments


ceiling design

ceiling design

Add ceiling coffers.

ceiling coffers

ceiling coffers

11. malene birger palma mallora

ceiling coffers

ceiling coffers

ceiling coffers

This lovely ceiling created with Modello adhesive backed stencils.

ceiling design with stencils

What do you think of how they repeated the pattern in the rug?

ceiling design with coffers

ceiling design coffers

A Focal Point – Start with the center decorative ornament and design out.   This approach works well for irregular and unsymmetrical spaces.

plaster 2

Ceiling  designs using molding or beams in combination with ornamentation.

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design with molding

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design


ceiling design with beams

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design


ceiling design

ceiling design


Ceiling Tile

ceiling tilesceiling tile

ceiling tile

ceiling tile

ceiling tile

Everything in full color.

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

Burley on the Hill, England

ceiling design

ceiling design

ceiling design

In a class by themselves.

ceiling design

ceiling design




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Oct 222013

Thirty years ago I had a black living room.   At the time, it was quite a statement, so much so that I had to paint everything before the house would sell.  Everyone loved it but couldn’t picture their furnishings in it.  Here is an wonderful collection of basic black today.


Black is dramatic and elegant when paired with white.







john jacob (8)



black and white




35. bkh design




2. milestone hotel london


34. black and white


418_1_2g (1)





Scott-Snyder-New-York-Resort-8 (1)

Scott-Snyder-New-York-Resort-9 (1)

black kitchen 3

tumblr_mkq8pqBze71qkpc62o1_1280 (1)