Mar 312014

Designing with ornamentation seems to be a lost art, but we at Beaux-Artes believe there is a revival occurring.  Some of the most beautiful published rooms have architectural details and ornamentation.  Rooms that are beautiful without any furnishings.



5. lonny hotel du marc france

A trend we see is adding ornamentation to the ‘room’.  To transform a fireplace by adding ornamentation.



To transform large expanses of drywall with wall panels.

A 2208


To create one of a kind doors.



A client has asked me to create a door design which will be used on her bedroom doors.  It has been an interesting design process which I thought would benefit our readers.  When we began, our design inspiration was this gorgeous door.  I researched ornament possibilities on the Decorators Supply website.  Note the relief of the ornament on this door.  By the time I did a number of designs my client realized she wanted heavy ornament.


The website has pictures for most of their ornament which can be saved and used to layout your ornamentation design.  You do not need CAD software to create a scaled design layout.  For a quick idea how the ornament will look in your design,  Publisher has easy tools to create a scaled drawing.

Step 1.  Do a scaled drawing of the door in Publisher.   I use a scale of 1/16″ = 1″.   I am using the dimensions of the door closed to determine my ornamentation design since the door opens into the room.  I have added very simple molding around my door design which I will add ornament to.  The ceiling is 8′; but there is a 12″ crown molding which leaves me with 3-1/2″ over the door for my door header ornamentation.  I am also putting rosettes on the blocks.

Door-Publisher Drawing

This picture shows the door header with the old paneled door still in place.  The ornamentation will be added to a new flat panel door.  Rebecca is gold leafing the crown molding and door molding.  The small header over the door is also being gilded.


Step 2.  Draw in the basic size of your door design.  My inspiration picture requires a border of running ornament around a 2-panel design.  I have not found the ornament which appears in the inspiration but I thought this ornament would work for the repeating S-curve that is in the outer border.  It also gives me a small rosette to cover the ends.

Decorators Supply 890F - 8-1/4″ x 4-3/4″ You can crop, rotate and copy the image in Publisher.  890f

Instead of a running floral design I chose this running ornament 2928F.  This ornament was not online so I scanned it and used Publisher to remove the dark background.


Here is a screen shot of the ornament showing the scaled ornament in the upper left corner using the 1/16″=1″ scale.


During the research and development of this design it became clear that the time involved in applying all of this individual composition ornament to six doors was going to be labor intensive and the design just wasn’t developing into a great design.  So, I began researching other design possibilities.

This Design is based on using most  of the inside panel of Decorators Supply Wall Panel 9894.


My client did not want a shell as the center feature so I used this beautiful floral center 11627.  Now I had to figure out a C curve that would compliment the curve of the inner panel.  My client also wants a different feature on each door to represent whose room it is.



This single panel design did not have enough beautiful ornament and the molding for the panel was not interesting enough.  Here is my design for a two panel door.  We decided the corners on the top panel with S curves to form an arch would be a good design.  For this design I chose this beautiful Rococo Rose corner 9804.


The Center 11564 for the bottom panel




This design lacks beauty on the bottom of the panels.  Here is yet another design adding corners to the bottom of the panels.  With each design I record the ornament style, size and cost with a picture of the ornament.

Rococo Corners 9800




This design is still not there.  The next design I am going to work on will be a 3-panel layout with heavy molding.




Oct 222013

Thirty years ago I had a black living room.   At the time, it was quite a statement, so much so that I had to paint everything before the house would sell.  Everyone loved it but couldn’t picture their furnishings in it.  Here is an wonderful collection of basic black today.


Black is dramatic and elegant when paired with white.







john jacob (8)



black and white




35. bkh design




2. milestone hotel london


34. black and white


418_1_2g (1)





Scott-Snyder-New-York-Resort-8 (1)

Scott-Snyder-New-York-Resort-9 (1)

black kitchen 3

tumblr_mkq8pqBze71qkpc62o1_1280 (1)






Jun 182013


It is my pleasure to devote this post to Leslie Sinclair.  Her beautiful book Segreto Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors is my current favorite.  I was prepared to just give a sampling of great plaster, faux, trompe l’oeil, color palettes, interior design, art and architecture from the book until I discovered even more amazing work from the premier finish design firm in Houston, Texas Segreto Finishes.  Leslie’s talents along with the work of the  20 amazing artists she has brought together are responsible for this  most impressive body of work.  The Segreto style is the result of what they do with paint, plaster and color on the  walls, ceiling, doors and cabinets.

The architects, designers and builders that came together to create these spaces are all to be complemented.   Excellent.  I give the book 5 stars.

Selections from Segreto Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors.

Book Tip  “When plastering the walls and ceilings of a newly constructed home, the sheetrock should be taped, floated and lightly sanded.  There is no need to fix imperfections in the sheetrock or to texture, prime or paint the walls.  This savings can offset the overall cost of applying plaster.”  Leslie Sinclair


The plaster on the walls, cabinetry finishes and beams achieves the feel of Provence.

Designer – Cindy Witmer, Architectural Consultant – Sarah West, Building Design – Robert Dame Designs, Builder – Parker House, Inc.

Cindy Witmer_wm

French Chateau

Love the panels and plaster.  Love it.

Designers – Margie Slovack and Sarah Herndon, Architect – Sullivan, Henry, Oggero & Associates, Inc., Builder – Memorial Builders, Inc.

Slovack Designs_wm (1)

European Farmhouse

The plaster walls for this master bath achieve a feeling of  serenity along with the neutral and warm color palette.  Very flattering.  Rustic, elegant and classic.

Design – Eleanor Cummings

Eleanor Cummings_wm

Louis XV Revisited

It was very difficult to choose what pictures to show you because they are all so wonderful, but this one is very special.  “Changing the background color of this cove creates the illusion that the antique columns are integral parts of the design.  Evoking a celestial sky, friezes that decorate these ceilings enhance its architecturally interesting details.”

Antiques and Furnishings – Joyce Horn Antiques

segreto-Joyce Horn 1_wm

Ranch Style Chateau

“Bringing artful touches to the walls and ceilings of this large 21st century construction transforms its newness into the richness of a home with history.”

Designer – Talbot Cooley, Building Design – Colby Design & Brandon Breaux, Builder – Darryl Dieciedue


talbot 2_wm

Fabulous design for this ceiling which would look great with one of Beaux-Artes decorative grilles or recessed light trims painted in the same color palette to replace the standard industrial features.

talbot 1_wm

talbot cooley_wm

Wonderful wall treatment – tinted artist’s gesso troweled through a stencil over a silver metallic paint and then tea stained, giving the appearance of dimensional wallpaper.

Designer – Sheila Lyon

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Feb 202013

Not sure I agree with this list, but here it is with pictures for your enjoyment.

  1. Catherine Palace, Russia
  2. Sleeper-McCann House, Massachusetts, US
  3. Castle Howard, York
  4. Powerscourt, Ireland
  5. Marble Palace Mansion, Kolkata, India
  6. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Malaysia
  7. Werribee Mansion, Australia
  8. Villa d’Este, Italy
  9. Falling Water, PA
  10. Chateau de Chambord, France

Catherine Palace

At the top of my list as well.

Exquisite floor, ceiling, walls and doors.

The amazing Amber Room.  In a class all by itself.

Love this wall of individual panels for the artwork.

Sleeper-McCann House

I disagree with this choice.  Not in my top 10.


Castle Howard









Marble Palace Mansion

Because this is a private residence no photography is permitted.

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Nov 092012

Last month Architectural Digest showcased the latest resort Selman Marrakech, a sprawling Moorish-style hotel minutes from medina. Developers Saida and Abdeslam Bennani Smires and decorator Jacques Garcia the creative force on the project. The exteriors are pure redbrick grandeur.

Love Moorish designs with all the intricate patterns.

There are 56 guest rooms and five riads. The interiors are Second Empire elegance with Napoleon III-inspired chairs, ebony-stained plasterwork, and antique carpets.
The ebony stained plasterwork is amazing.

I so enjoyed researching the other resorts mentioned in the Architectural Digest article. I know you will enjoy seeing them and want to add a trip to any one of them to your bucket list.
The Royal Mansour – Magnificent!

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Jul 122012

This month’s issue of Architectural Digest announced the September 7 opening of “Doris Duke’s Shangri La” traveling exhibition at the Manhattan Museum of Arts and Design.

Shangri La interiors are a hybrid of Islamic tradition and 20th Century modernism. In 18th and 19th Century Syrian homes, internal spaces were privileged rather than exterior facades. The homes often featured rooms where were arranged around an interior courtyard (just like Shangri La). Room interiors were treated with a great deal of attention. This historic interior was purchased in Lebanon in 1954.
The Damascus Room

Bill Willis Interior Design for Yves Saint Laurent

Architect and Decorator Bill Willis spent four decades redefining high-end Islamic architecture and Eastern design elements.  I love everything about Orientalist design.  All the craftsmanship, color, shapes and textures.  The room itself is a work of art with beautiful designs on the walls, ceiling and floor.

Love the Lantern and inlaid furniture.

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Jun 142012

My final blog on The Hermitage with Best Dressed Walls, Floors, Doors, Panels and more.  Enjoy…..

My choice for Best Dressed Walls, this spectacular gold room.  Wouldn’t this make a fabulous treatment for a Powder Room.

Here is a view of the entire room, which happens to have my favorite ceiling. The doors are beautiful as well.

The chest in the Gold Room.

Best Doors and Floor

Closeup of that amazing floor.

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May 012012

Decorators Supply was originally founded as a carving and gilding company in 1883. The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 provided the catalyst for their early growth and prosperity.

Over the next two to three decades, Decorators Supply employed dozens of European artisans who hand carved the beautiful designs that they sell today. The original carvings are preserved in their vaults to make the exact mold impressions used to produce their “compo” ornaments today.

Composition ornament originated with the Italians during the 1500′s. By the mid 1700′s the formulation and techniques of compo had spread to workshops in England and France and from there found their way to North America by European artisans immigrating to the New World. Few modern carvers can match the beauty and detail found in the composition ornaments that they hand produce from their “exact impression” molds and none can match the value.

horizontal design

Horizontal Design 17″W x 7-3/4″H   $58.31

Here are some beautiful examples of their composition ornament installed.  Love this trumeau mirror.

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Mar 202012

Most homes today do nothing with the wall directly above the door. One of the things I love about classical interiors is the attention they give to the doors and windows. And it is not just the door, but the wall space above the door. So, I have been collecting some great pictures that will inspire you. First though a few ‘before’ pictures that were taken from a featured interior in a blog today.
Nice space but that door could really be enhanced with some architectural details.

How about something like this?

Another great before picture of a door wall that could use some attention.

This is our inspiration image. Paint a decorative design over the door that includes the wall to the right where the clock is. The design could have borders so that the focal point clock is framed by the wall behind it.

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