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Oct 302014

I love to blog about how fashion and interior design parallel each other and predict trends in our life styles.    So I was really excited with the below excerpt from Point of View in the November 2014 issue of Vogue.

“What’s your FANCY?

Fashion continues its maximalist trend this month, with embellishments everywhere, silhouettes that are the reverse of skimpy, and a general sense of JOY AND PLENTY in the details.  The equation is really pretty simple:  Instead of narrow, GO WIDE.  Instead of plain, GO FANCY.  Instead of less, GO MORE.

The daytime mood is expressed with a certain CASUAL INSOUCIANCE.  Think fringe, folk embroidery, ruffles or poet sleeves, stripes like licorice candies, a FISTFULL OF RINGS, and a wristful of bangles…….””After dark, the embellishments turn richer and MORE OPULENT:  burnished gold beading, warm gold sequins…in a word, GOLD.

There is, admittedly, a DOLLOP OF HEDONISM in all this lavishness, all this decoration.  Don’t fight it–embrace it like an unexpected (but frankly, well-deserved) compliment.”

Classical Addiction Version for the Interior Design Point of View

Go Maximalist with embellishments everywhere………

ornamentation painted

grand living space with ornamentation

Or targeted Embellishments like this fabulous niche.  Notice the industrial heating and air conditioning grilles.  Beaux-Artes Louis XIV grille would be a handsome replacement .

niche embellished

Target the Entrances with grand ornamentation.

Door Header with ornamentation

Love this plaster piece from Decorators Supply to transform a door header 54-3/4″ x 12″ x 1-7/8″

Decorators Supply Louis XVI Plaster Ornament


Joy and Plenty in the details

fabulous walls and ceiling

door ornamentation

door hardware

door lever

Beaux-Artes Empire escutcheon

empire escutcheon

The master of  Joy in the Details, Howard Slatkin’s NY apartment see blog all about him.

Howard Slatkin dining room




Go Fancy

sitting alcove

Gorgeous headboard and damask wall

Embellish Architectural features

embellished architectural feature


Go More


painted ceiling

painted ceiling

custom closets

Think fringe, embroidery, ruffles

window treatment with fringe

chair fringe


sofa with fringe


beaded tassel

gold and window details

bedding with ruffles

aqua chandelier and window treatment


embroidered illows

embroidered fabric

great window fabric


gold color palette

gold mosaic

Gold Mother of Pearl

gold shell

Kelly Wearstler Closet various metallic leaf.


Kelley Wearstler gold dressing roomBeaux-Artes Arabesque Panels on Gold Leaf










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Sep 022014

My last Blog on Best Dressed Walls focused on period walls. Ever since I have had an eye out for beautiful walls created for today’s classical lifestyle.  I would love to credit this magnificent work.  If anyone knows please send it to me.

wall mural

Timothy Corrigan

Tented room with colorful fabric

classical library designed by timothy corrigan

Classical walls have so many possibilities.  Using molding to create a grid, panels and symmetrical designs are the beginning of turning the modern intrusion,  drywall, into beautiful walls.  

Mr. Corrigan used mirrors with a lovely patina, great moulding in this elegant hallway.

patina mirror paneled hallway

This is so special.

fretwork panels

Vintage Best Dressed Walls – Villa Perosa, The Chinese Gallery, Architectural Digest September 2014

Chinese Gallery - Villar Perosa

Majolica Plaques ornament the walls of the Dining Room in the Villar Perosa Estate

majolica plaques ornament dining room walls

painted panels

coffered effect on the walls

Plain drywall with a lovely collection of framed images.  I would go further and add panels which I would then organize the collection in.

drywall with framed prints

panels with artwork

wall grid with panel moulding


Alidad Embossed leather





Venice Luxury Hotel, Gritti Palace

Gritti Palace Panels

Gritti Palace Panels

gritti palace paneled guest room

Love the color palette.

Gritti Palace wall panels

The Gritti Palace used very similar styles for the panels in the guest rooms with different color palettes.

Gritti Palace

wall panels and mirror

wall panels with lovely faux finish

blue and white porcelain







Jul 232014

Beaux-Artes offers online Wall Panel Layout and Design Services.  It is so easy with technology to take pictures of your room and send them to us along with measurements indicating placement of modern intrusions; such as heating and air conditioning, switchplates, speakers and lighting.  Here are some recent projects.

Powder Room

This client sent us pictures of the foyer, foyer hallway leading to the powder room and all the rooms off the foyer and hallway.  The powder room was under construction, so we were provided with measurements to lay out the panels and custom vanity.  She also provided us with a sample of the hallway wallpaper and the paint color for the hallway trim.

entrance foyer

hallway to kitchen

hallway to dining room


The client had selected our Georgian Architectural Wall Panels.  Her Wall Panel Layout.

wall panel layout design


In addition, we also provided her with design options for the inside of the panels.  Grisaille canvas panels were an option which she did not choose.

georgian wall panel layout

Because of the patterned wallcovering  in the hallway we recommended a custom textured faux raw silk in metallic champagne for the panels.  This gives her flexibility to add artwork inside the panels if she chooses to at some point.

textured metallic

Stone Gold Her color palette looked great with our Gold Stone Finish.   Finish samples were provided along with additional paint and glazes for her painter to use on the door trim, chair rail,  carpenter boxes and her vanity.

powder room finish samples

Installation went great following the instructions we provided for installing the canvas panels and wall panels.

powder room vanity wall

powder room vanity wall

powder room corner

powder room panels

Wall Panels for a Hallway

This client contacted us after searching for quite some time for the perfect wall treatment for a hallway between her formal dining room and kitchen.  Our  hand painted Georgian Canvas Panels shown in our Harvest Gold finish were perfect with her decor and color palette.  She provided us with pictures of the dining room and hallway with measurements.

Dining Room and connecting hallway



We also received closeups of her rug and upholstery.



There was no need to do any custom color palette for this project.  The Georgian Canvas Panel in our Harvest Gold finish was indeed perfect for her hallway.  We advised her on the dimensions for the canvas panels at no additional cost.


georgian wall panels and georgian canvas panels

georgian panels

georgian panels

georgian panels

We also customized the crystals  on our Recessed Chandelier  to match the crystals in the dining room.

recessed chandelier


Beaux-Artes on TV

Adding to our list of appearances on TV is Alpha House, a comedy featuring John Goodman.  Amazon Studios, said “Alpha House” will return for a second season, with filming set to start this summer, after it became “the most popular TV season” on Amazon Instant Video.  The set this season for the US Senate will have our Arts and Crafts 24″  x 24″ grille in Bronze.  We have been to the US Senate specifically to tour the Brumidi Corridors and our grille is a perfect choice.  

arts and crafts 24" x 24" decorative grille

Brumidi Corridors

See my Blog about  Constantino Brumidi, The Artist of the Capitol.

Brumidi Corridors

Brumidi Corridors

Alpha House sounds entertaining so I plan on checking it out.  I am interested to see what the set is.  Regardless if it is a hallway or the Senate, industrial louvered grilles would not work.  An industrial grille would definitely stand out in a classical space.

US Senate