Oct 072014

Lots of choices when deciding what to do with your windows.  If you are not constrained by a need for privacy, making it beautiful is at the top of my list with dressing the window itself and the space around the window.  Here are some great examples of dressing windows using cornices, valances, swags.upholstered cornice

I love this design featuring a place for some outrageously gorgeous tassels.

drawing cornice side panels

This is a great combination with the shades, drapery and trim.


tie backs

Not sure about two different patterns on the drapery panels.  The cornice and fringe is fabulous.


Well if you can have this who needs fabric?



Or this….




original (2)

This fabric is gorgeous.  Shiny and billowy.



window seat

Sea Island Georgia_David Guilmet Design


53d8ea8369e59a0bd91e7a7f2b56eab1 drapery treatments

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Jul 082013

This month’s Architectural Digest is a gem and here is a glimpse of a few of my favorites from  a fabulous restoration of a 1930′s Louis XV style manor which was originally designed by John F. Staub who worked mainly in Houston from 1920s to 60s.  The renovation was completed by Newberry Campa Architects and the interior design was done by Kara Childress.

Love the ornamentation and pilasters in this dining room.  I am sure the pilasters are marble, but this look of the pilasters connecting with the marble below the chair rail is a great idea for a faux project.  The companion panel paintings  are wonderful.


Use this Decorator Supply ornament with picture molding below to create the look of the crown.

Greek Palmette 9″ x 12″


Focusing on great doors, windows and entries add so much character.  Love the shape of this entry.  Particularly as it continues the symmetry of the wall panel design.  The embroidered silk on the ottoman is perfect.


Ceiling Inspiration in the Library –  the 16th-century Italian painted-canvas ceiling panels.  Refer to my blog on Architexture’s Tattoowall which would be perfect to create a version of this.



Another beautiful paneled room incorporating the windows and mirrored panels.




May 292013

This lovely room looks ‘old’ vintage.  But it could very easily be created today.  The molding is quite simple.  Add well proportioned ornament and finish in a beautiful soft glaze.  tumblr_mmb1kvmuzk1qddbc1o1_500

A fabulous ceiling of gold ornament against the bright white is so classic.  I love it with the contemporary furnishings.  Of course it is gorgeous with traditional.  Okay it works with everything.


Nothing else will do for creating beautiful beds.


How about shoe ornament.


Fashion.  I don’t know what happens with creations such as these.


tumblr_mb6jmlzO461rcuzdro1_500 (1)

Add ornament to the exterior.  Imagine finding this beautiful header and adding it to your front door.  Any door really.


We just completed this  header for the entrance of a historic Tudor.


This is a great inspiration picture.  Composition ornament can achieve this look.


Furniture a fabulous use of ornament.  The large central feature really makes this piece.


This piece is all about the ornament.

35_116What a fun piece!  We love griffins though.


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 8.39.44 PM (1)

RH is doing a lot with ornament.


You can purchase this framed ornament from RH or create your own.  Get acquainted with Decorators Supply.


Create a panel design of ornament.

decadent bath

My ‘Arabesque’ panel design for our gold leaf entrance foyer.


Gold Leaf Entrance Foyer Panel without the arabesque panel ornament and before the panel molding.


This panel molding which is very similar to the molding we used for this project.  Mirrors are another great use of ornament.

4ecf5761938939ef1b1fb6ff1d4c1d00 (1)

The Panel Molding.

leaves installed

Trumeau Style Mirrors

5. lonny hotel du marc france

Ornament is perfect for small ceilings and reveals.  A great option you may not have considered for the space.

tumblr_m8f501SjrG1qzpkato1_1280A small ceiling over my table in a tower on the back of the house.











Apr 242013

Upholstered beds are my preference.  Since bedrooms are all about the bed it makes sense that a statement bed means a fabulous bedroom.



This is one of my favorites.  I would change the chandelier and add the headboard I will be showing in in my next blog,  Inspiration Headboard and How To Get The Look.  I can’t wait to do the research for the ornament.  It probably will not adapt to an upholstered headboard but it is fabulous.  So until next week.





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Feb 202013

Not sure I agree with this list, but here it is with pictures for your enjoyment.

  1. Catherine Palace, Russia
  2. Sleeper-McCann House, Massachusetts, US
  3. Castle Howard, York
  4. Powerscourt, Ireland
  5. Marble Palace Mansion, Kolkata, India
  6. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Malaysia
  7. Werribee Mansion, Australia
  8. Villa d’Este, Italy
  9. Falling Water, PA
  10. Chateau de Chambord, France

Catherine Palace

At the top of my list as well.

Exquisite floor, ceiling, walls and doors.

The amazing Amber Room.  In a class all by itself.

Love this wall of individual panels for the artwork.

Sleeper-McCann House

I disagree with this choice.  Not in my top 10.


Castle Howard









Marble Palace Mansion

Because this is a private residence no photography is permitted.

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Dec 052011

The Design Directory of Window Treatmentshas hundreds of treatments accompanied by illustrations by author Jackie Von Tobel. It will answer all your questions on workroom terminology such as the French pleat, bullion, Empire swag, tuxedo flap, jabot, pelmets, cornices and lambrequins. Above is a lambrequin which is a stiffened window treatment with extended sides or legs.

A cornice is an architectural header treatment: a plain box, upholstered or embellished with soft treatments.

A Pelmet is a decorative, stiffened valance, which may be flat or have stiffened sections or fancy shapes. A pelmet is always stiffened and interlined to avoid sagging and rippling. Welting and borders are often used to accentuate the shape of the pelmet. A pelmet can be used in combination with jabots, cascades, tails, swags, or flags.

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Dec 142010

If privacy is not a factor, using molding and architectural features for windows and doorways adds tremendous Classical style to an interior.  It will not get dusty and can easily be painted in a new color to change the room.  This is so handsome why would you want to cover it with fabric.  It is a great approach when you have door and window combinations.Window with Architectural Features

Door with Pediment and ColumnsDoorway with Pediment and Columns

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